Little Cars, Funny Hats, and Men Wearing Lipstick?

April 6, 2012 – 9:02 am by Wesley

Dylan went to the doctor earlier this week because his knees point inward when he is standing straight, the medical term is Valgus of knee (knock kneed) as opposed to Varus of the knee (bow leggedness).  Our regular doctor referred to a specialist who took some xrays and then referred us to Shriners.  Apparently this condition is common in kids until about 4 years of age, by which time the legs should straighten out on their own as they grow, however some cases can be more severe, which I assume his is based on the continued referrals to more specialized doctors.  There are basically 4 options, which will be chosen we dont know yet.  We’ll have to wait the 6 weeks or so to see when our appointment is with Shriners.  It could turn out that they dont want to do anything quite yet and just see if he grows out of it, probably unlikely.  Two of the options are pretty similar just differ in the amount of time and work mom and dad will have to put up with casting or bracing.  Casting seems like it’d be more work since he wouldnt be able to walk and I know he would hate it, but the timeframe would be significantly less than bracing.  Bracing he would be able to walk and therefore be a bit more self reliant and able to mobilize himself, but the time period would be more taxing.  The fourth option, and also I think unlikely would be surgery.  At this point it doesnt seem like he’s grown to a point where it would be irrevirsible through other means, the specialist we saw seemed to feel the same though he didnt say so outright.  Just a mention that it would be more difficult to correct and be more likely to require surgery if he were 6 or 7 and had stopped growing at the rapid pace that small children do.


Now on to something significantly more light hearted.  Sarah was watching Golden Girls today (hurray for day time programming) when Jaedyn came in the room and asked “why is that man wearing lipstick” in reference to Bea Arthur.  Sarah told her it was a woman, Jaedyn remains unconvinced.

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