New Car, New Games

March 26, 2012 – 11:32 am by Wesley

Im not sure which came first, the new car or Dylan’s insistence on playing I Spy with everyone.  Jaedyn has been playing it for some time, recently when she’s been going through her beginning shpeel “I spy with my little eye something colored…” he’s been piping in with “MY TURN” while she’s talking.  Instead of trying to talk over him and the volume level in the car rising to intolerable levels she starts over anytime he says my turn, which is its own kind of annoying.  Everytime she starts he chimes in, every time he chimes in she starts over, and so on and so on to infinite until more level headed personalities (see: Dad) step in and restore order.  In retrospect I wonder how long they would keep going in circles but I dont have the patience to find out.  Regardless that portion is over and Dylan is happily included in the game and gets a turn at spying.  The first time Jaedyn actually let him talk we made him repeat himself about five times just because it was about the cutest thing we ever heard.  “I spy, my widdle eye, something…”  nine times out of ten the color is blue, the other time it’s green.  The next part of this game involves everyone’s guessing what the spyer spied.  With Jaedyn there is a chance at guessing right, though whether she has actually spied something ahead of time or waits until you give an answer she likes remains to be proven and is a subject of intense debate.  There is no guessing what Dylan has spied though.  Invariably whatever answer you give the answer is a succinct “nope”.  Even if you guess the answer he has given you, “nope”.  Here is a transcript:  Dylan – “I spy my widdle eye, something color… blue”  Me – “the sky” him – “nope” me- “the car” him – “nope” me – “your shoes” him – “nope.  Car!”  Me – “the car?”  him- “nope”  I quickly tire of this game, but still enjoy playing it.


As stated above we got a new car this past weekend, equipped with blue tooth.  Jaedyn is enthralled by “talking to the car”  She doesnt quite grasp yet that it is tied to the phone and can’t really be conversed with in the conventional sense.  I suppose you could just talk to it, but it just wouldn’t understand.  Anyhow, anytime we get in the car she wants it to talk, we tried to make a phone call the other day and I was letting her confirm the call.  She speaks very quietly though so her voice wasnt being picked up by the microphone anytime she was confirming.  The only time her order was followed through was when she said “cancel”, of course the whole process had to be started over.


Thats all for now.

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