Introduction to mischief

March 20, 2012 – 9:41 am by Wesley

Im not quite sure how to start this out, so I guess I’ll just start… Im Wesley, Aaron’s little brother and I have 2 kids of my own, a girl of 3 and a boy of 2.  I love them more than words could possibly express and I wish I had started blogging my experiences with them earlier than today so I could have something to look back on and remember all the stages of growing they went through.  I reread some of Aaron’s old posts and they even jogged my memory of little Liam, a nice bit of nostalgia that up ’til now I’ve missed out on, but no longer!


Its very interesting to me noting the differences between my kids, some are minor differences, some are less minor.  For example Jaedyn was never a super curious child, she got into some cabinets sometimes and pulled out tupperware or pots and pans, thankfully she never banged them together and made that ungodly racket she mostly just carried them from place to place for mom and dad to pick up later.  She never got into things on counters or was much interested in going through drawers.  Dylan on the other hand is into EVERYTHING.  Things I put up on the counter and assume are safely out of reach are usually not so.  He’s quite an ingenuitive kid when there is something he wants to get at.  He throws things off of our balcony, usually toys but really whatever he can get his paws on.  This particular trait showed itself this morning in a rather alarming fashion.  He received a bath toy yesterday encased in plastic.  You know the type of plastic I mean, the thick stuff that is all but impossible to open without a chain saw and several friends on standby in case you seriously injure yourself.  Dylan, perhaps sensing the formidability of his opponent brought his potty from the bathroom which doubles as a stool, climbed and retrieved a pair of scissors in hopes of extricating elmo from his plastic prison.  Jaedyn discovered him attempting to help the prisoner escape and, quickly and correctly deducing that this was an opportunity to tell on her brother, ran and told her mom.  Im not really sure how to curb these tendencies at chaos, perhaps some sort of electric fence type set up around all the restricted areas.

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