June 15, 2004 – 11:20 am by Aaron

No, the house did not burn down. Liam did not get hold of a box of matches. What Liam did do was say “Fire.” Pretty exciting, eh. It’s not his first word, not by far. He’s actually at a stage where he repeats words that he hears all the time. (I’ve been trying to get his mom to clean up her language) The exciting thing is that he said “fire” very clearly and concisely. I was telling Jen a story about a fire I had seen along side a road not far from our house. As I was telling her about the fire, Liam suddenly popped out with “fire.” It was so clear and perfect, no rounding of the ‘r’ at all. We looked at each other, Jen and I, and just started laughing. That of course spurred Liam on to say “fire” several more times. So we took him to the nursery at church saying “fire, fire.” Luckily he did not cause a panic and get us into trouble. Since then he has not been quite so eager to show off his enunciation, which is good from a public safety point of view but discouraging for a proud parent.

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