Pull My Finger

February 2, 2004 – 11:57 am by Aaron

This is one of Liam’s latest favorite things to do – and no, it’s not what you’re thinking. He has discovered that grabbing my finger and pulling will entice me to follow him more or less anywhere he goes. When he first discovered this novelty, he would grab my finger and pull me around the house with no clear destination in mind. He would walk a little ways, stop, look around, turn and head back the way we had just came from. Sometimes we’d end up in the kitchen, sometimes at the shelf where the videos are stored, and sometimes just in the middle of the room. It was all very cute and amusing. Then, one day, the game changed – in a couple of different ways. First, he always has a destination now, and it’s always the same: he invariably leads me to the door leading from the kitchen to the garage, where the dogs get to stay when it’s raining outside. Usually I just open the door and say, “Yup, there’s the garage,” then I close the door and he’s satisfied. The other change in the routine is that he no longer holds onto my finger for the entire trip, now he just pulls long enough to know that I’m following. If I stop, he comes back, grabs my finger and pulls until I follow, then he lets go again. Now he just expects me to follow him – he knows who the leader is, and who is the slave.

  1. 3 Responses to “Pull My Finger”

  2. That’s too cute! And that shows that he’s interested in sharing his experiences with you! And that also shows confidence! Great!

    By Malie on Feb 2, 2004

  3. Whata weirdo…. must run in the family.

    By Lyss on Feb 5, 2004

  4. Look at that cutie pie! He is SOOO BIG!!

    By Pamela on Feb 23, 2004

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