Captain Curious

January 12, 2004 – 11:08 am by Aaron

That’s right, I’m the uncrowned king of all the blog slackers. The sad thing is that I have such good intentions. I write posts in my head all the time, but then, by the time I get around to writing, the topic is no longer pertinent. I wish I could just get into the habit of writing a little something every day. I’ve never been good about keeping journals. The idea has always fascinated me, and I’ve started several, but it never seems to last. Either that or I write page after page of “nothing interesting happened today.” Pretty lame. I would promise here and now to be more diligent, but I’ve promised that very thing a number of times and chances are you wouldn’t believe me at this point.

Liam has started saying “Thank you.” When he says it, it sounds like “too too” or “tee too.” He pretty much only says it when you tell him to. He’ll want something and I will, of course, give it to him, then I’ll say, “say ‘thank you’” and he says his “tee too,” and toddles off to find something to get into.

He’s very curious. I call him Captain Curious, or Mr. Mischievous. If he can see it and it’s within his reach, he’s going to get it: remote controls, books, keys, glasses, cans of soda, anything within any zippered or snapped compartment, his/your/anyone’s shoes/socks, videos, CDs, food, yes… everything. If we tell him no he can’t have a certain thing, he gets mad and either cries or throws the item in question, often times both.

It’s been a struggle trying to get him to stop throwing things when he’s angry. Slapping his hand does absolutely no good, smacking his bottom gets more of a reaction but I’m not convinced he knows why. Someone recently suggested ignoring the unwanted behavior, so I guess we’re going to try that. The thing is, he needs to have some kind of outlet for his anger and I’m not sure how to redirect it or what to redirect it to. Suggestions are welcome.

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