Ear Infections

December 15, 2003 – 11:57 am by Aaron

That’s right, I said “infections” – plural. The poor little guy had an infection in both ears. He had a pretty miserable weekend two weekends ago. I should say *we* had a miserable weekend. Liam started not feeling well Friday evening just before I got home. Both Friday night and Saturday night he didn’t sleep well at all: waking up every hour or so crying and just generally being miserable. Saturday night he slept in hour bed with us. I don’t think anyone actually slept, except maybe Jennifer, who, as I’ve mentioned before, could sleep through a train wreck. I however was kept awake much of the night by Liam’s tossing, turning, kicking and crying. I felt sorry for him, but I felt sorry for me too.

Sunday morning we took him with us to go cut down a Christmas tree. He was not a happy camper. We have pictures of him being held and just looking miserable. The pictures are very cute but sad at the same time. You can just tell that the poor guy doesn’t feel good at all.

Sunday afternoon, after we returned from tree hunting, Jen took him to Urgent Care and was told he has an infection in both ears. The doctor prescribed a 5 day regimen of Zithromax. We could tell he was feeling better, though still not 100% better, after just two days of the medicine. It’s been a week and he’s back to his normal, mischievous, smiling self.

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