October 16, 2003 – 4:25 pm by Aaron

Liam is changing so much so fast, I feel if I don’t write everyday then I’m already falling behind. Once a week or so has passed, the idea of writing everything that has happened just becomes overwhelming. If you’ve been reading this journal for any length of time this is a familiar theme to you. I’m constantly making excuses for not updating regularly. If this journal is going to stand as a legacy to my son so he can know my thoughts and feeling during his infancy, then I’m letting him down too. I need to write just a little bit every day, just a few sentences letting everyone know what’s happening.

Liam has started saying, “Hi.” He crawls into a room and you know he’s coming because he starts saying “hi” before he even gets through the door, and he keeps saying it until you acknowledge his presence, sometime longer. But he doesn’t always say it, so if I try to play the “look what my boy can do” card, he invariably clams up.

He’s not quite walking yet, but he’s definitely close. He has taken a dozen or so steps on two or three occasions. Again, he won’t do it when we want him to – standing him up and coaxing him to walk simply induces an incurable case of “Spaghetti Legs” – but if the mood strikes him, and you’re not paying attention, he will let go of whatever he’s using to hold himself up and come toddling toward you, putting his hands out and diving ahead when he gets withing two or three steps of you.

The worst thing about being a dad is having to leave for work and be away from him for close to 11 hours a day. I really need to either win the lottery or find a job I can do from home. I honestly don’t know how other dads can stand to be away from their kids for so long. Could I be the exception to the rule? Do other dads just not love being a dad as much as I do?

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  2. No Aaron, as a general rule most dads love their kids too. But they have learned how to balance their daily lives between work, family & friends. Right know Liam is your world. But shortly he will become part of a larger world, school, etc. So you have to think of the time when he wants to be his own person, “I’ll do it” remember when you said that to your folks. Love your journel. Lorna

    By Lorna Johnson on Oct 19, 2003

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