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August 26, 2003 – 1:18 pm by Aaron

The boy is an eating machine. I honestly can’t remember the last time he was actually full and refused food. Usually his plate just gets empty and we stop feeding him. We’re teaching him baby sign language using a program we found at “kindersigns”: The first sign he learned, and so far pretty much the only, was the sign for “more.” To make the sign you put your thumb and fingers together like your pinching something and then you tap the finger-tips of each hand against the other. Once Liam figured out the association between the sign for more and him getting food, there was no stopping him.

He makes the sign and he says “buh” (with the ‘u’ sounding like “put”). Now anytime he sees food, smells food, hears food being prepared, or thinks about food he is immediately saying “buh” and putting his fingers together. A few days ago, I walked into the dining room holding a fork, Liam saw the fork and started signing and saying “buh, buh.” It’s really almost shocking how much the child eats. He went to a cousin’s birthday party this past weekend and my mother-in-law was surprised that he ate and ate and ate the entire time he was there: if he didn’t have food in his mouth he was signing and saying “buh,” or he was leaning toward food with his mouth wide open. When we were camping a couple of weekends ago, for breakfast he ate one serving of oatmeal, one whole banana, and 2 graham crackers. He was still asking for more but we were going out fishing so we just stopped feeding him.

For awhile I wasn’t sure where all the food was going. His mom will tell you that it is filling his diapers to overflowing. Then I decided to weigh him. Wow! At his 12 month appointment he weighed right around 21 pounds. That was two months ago. Now he weighs 26 pounds. I think it’s mostly in his chunky legs, but he’s a very solid little guy. Hard to believe he was so skinny when he was born. I think he’s making up for it now.

On an unrelated note, he got his second haircut today. He may now only weigh 25 pounds.

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  2. Wow, he’s getting to be a big boy! How exciting! Well, it’s been too long since I’ve dropped by. Glad to see that Liam is healthy and well.

    But how are you, Aaron?

    By Rich on Sep 16, 2003

  3. Rich -
    I’m actually doing very well. I’m recovering from the surgery I had in May and the doctor and the physical therapist say my recovery is remarkable – that I should be the poster boy for global fusions. I have taken very little pain medication the last month, maybe 2 vicodin total. I just had a Dr. appointment this morning and I’m actually ready to go back to work full time. I’ve been back part time since the middle of August. While part time is great, the bank account is getting mighty thin.

    By Aaron on Sep 16, 2003

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