Life Saving Data Recovery with PhotoRescue

August 21, 2003 – 2:53 pm by Aaron

We went camping last weekend and as usual we took pictures with our digital camera. After we got home I took the SmartMedia card out of the camera (a Fuji FinePix 2400) and looked at the pictures using the Simpletec card reader. The next morning Jen asked me what had become of the pictures. I told her they were still on the card and that I had left it in the card reader. She said they weren’t there. When I got home I discovered she was right, the pictures had disappeared. Even the default folders that the camera itself creates on the card were gone. Knowing that when files are “deleted” they aren’t necessarily gone forever, I went to my good friend google to find advice on how to retrieve the lost photos. What I discovered was even better.

I knew that there was software and services that would recover lost data, but I also knew that they are fairly expensive. Then, via my google search, I came across “PhotoRescue”: and I was saved. I downloaded the trial version which will analyze your card and tell you if the photos are recoverable – to do the actual recovery you need the full registered version. But get this, the registered version is only $29!. I promptly registered the software and 5 minutes later all my lost pictures had been restored.

If you use a digital camera, don’t be without this utility.

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