First Haircut

July 16, 2003 – 4:41 pm by Aaron

Liam got his first haircut a couple of weeks ago. It’s amazing to look at pictures of before and after and compare how different he looks. He was really starting to look like quite the little ragamuffin. Now he looks like a little boy, practically all growed up. It’s a little sad. But he’s so darn cute, the sadness never lasts long.

I took along the old video camera figuring I’d get some good footage of him screaming and having a good old fashioned fit. Didn’t happen. He just sat there. The ‘stylist’ gave him a little basket of toys to play with and he amused himself, and us, by dropping them one by one to the floor and watching where they rolled to or landed. After the first basket was empty, she fetched him another and he joyfully proceeded to do the same thing. When we apologized for the mess he was making, she said she didn’t care if he emptied 10 boxes of toys if he was sitting so still the whole time. Turned out to be one of the most boring home videos ever.

For $25 we got the haircut, a nice little certificate telling his name and the date, a before picture, an after picture, and a small lock of his hair. I thought that was pretty pricey until the wife got her hair cut and highlighted last week and it cost $70. I like my nice dependable flat-top. $10 a pop, you just can’t beat it.

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  2. Too cute! My 2 year old has a fit when I take him to get his hair cut, so I have given up and just cut it myself!

    By Pamela on Jul 17, 2003

  3. So good to have a notice on my e-mail you have returned to the computer for I’m a Dad writings….such neat stuff.. thank you for sharing, as they say..the haircut pic is so darling…I love reading your journal guys have a miracle in the flesh….in baby Liam.. he is adorable…with love from me and U B

    By auntie M on Jul 17, 2003

  4. Pamela – I honestly don’t expect his sitting still to last. Maybe he knew daddy was paying out the wazoo for his first haircut and he made a special effort to be well-behaved. We shall see.

    Auntie M – So good to have a comment from you. It took me a minute or two to figure out that it wasn’t from my sister. Tell UB hi for me.

    By Aaron on Jul 17, 2003

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