Back from Surgery

May 29, 2003 – 9:36 am by Aaron

I finally had my back surgery on May 7, and came home May 12. I still haven’t been terribly motivated to use the PC much. I’m in bed a lot of the time and trying to use the laptop is somewhat complicated and uncomfortable. I’m not yet able to sit long enough to use the desktop, plus it’s difficult to get into a chair. My surgery included three incisions: one across my abdomen where they went in to remove the bad disk, on in my him where they did a bone graft, and one (two small ones actually) in my lower back where they went in to add the bone screws to imobilize my spine to allow the fusion to fuse. Fun stuff. Recovery period is six to eight weeks, during which time I’ll be doing aqua therapy, physical therapy and walking up to five miles every day. I’ll probably be in the best shape I’ve ever been once it’s all finished.

Found out this past Saturday that I have pneumonia and I haven’t been terribly motivated to even turn on the pc. I’m feeling much better now, though, so I’ll try to start posting more regularly.

Liam has changed a lot since I posted last, I’ll need to write up a post all about him soon.

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  2. Welcome back. Hope your recovery goes well. God Bless.

    By tony on Jun 3, 2003

  3. Sorry to hear that! Hope you are feeling better soon. All the best!

    By Dean on Jun 16, 2003

  4. I hope you’re faring well! I’m sure you’re enjoying your son and all the growing up he’s doing right now. They grow so fast at this age, don’t they? Keeping you in my prayers….

    By Ailina on Jun 25, 2003

  5. I have to have surgery on my back. I am scared I am only 27 years old a father of 2boys and 1 new born girl. Is the surgery worth it. I have terrible back pain. a disk is moveing on my low back, and rubbing on the one above it. they want to put two rods in it and screw them together.Please e-mail me let me know
    and good luck with your recovery

    By timothy moore on Sep 15, 2004

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