If You’re Happy and You Know it

April 30, 2003 – 11:54 pm by Aaron

Liam has started clapping his hands recently. It’s so funny because he gets a big smile on his face when he does it, like he’s really happy about something. When he does something and I clap and cheer at him, he will just stare at my hands as I clap and then he will do it too.

He had his first experience with snow a couple of weekends ago when we went to Markleevile, which is near Lake Tahoe. I had him outside while it was snowing and his hood came off of his head and the flakes were landing on him and melting and he was just kind of looking around and smiling. I wonder if the sensation of the landing snowflakes was interesting to him. I picked up a handful of snow and held it for him to touch it. He tentatively put a finger on it and then pulled it back and wasn’t too interested in having anything more to do with it. I tried to get him to look up into the sky to see all the falling flakes, but when I would point he would just stare at my finger. We got some pretty good pictures of the snow. As soon as I get them resized I’ll post them in the “Photo Gallery”:http://www.aaronjen.org/gallery/

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