March 20, 2003 – 3:43 pm by Aaron

I want to rant about what’s being called “reality TV.” What I want to know is, what is it about those shows that people find so engrossing and entertaining? I think I may have watched 5 minutes of Survivor once, and maybe the very first episode of Fear Factor. Honestly, there is nothing at all “real” about any of those shows. Do you think they are not scripted? Do you think they aren’t edited for premium shock effect, sexual innuendo and entertainment value? I assure you they are. If you want reality TV, watch “American Dreams” on NBC. Even “Bernie Mac” is better and more realistic than that crap they call reality TV. At least Bernie usually has some kind of moralistic message. It bothers me that America is so enraptured by such drivel. When those shows first started showing up, I thought for sure they would all bomb horribly. None of them did. It’s disgusting and makes me ashamed to be part of a culture that honors and idolizes such useless programing. Come on America, do you believe the stars of those shows are just average Joes off the street? They are models and actors who are more than likely found through agents. What do all of these “reality” stars do after their particular show is finished? They try to become TV stars. It’s a scam America, please open your eyes.

And now, back to our regular programming.

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  2. I admit I’m a reality TV junkie! I watch Amazing Race, Survivor, The Bachelor, American Idol and Fear Factor. My husband laughs at my choice of TV,too(trash he thinks). I see your point but I’m that sort of person who watch just for the pure entertainent value and don’t analyse it any further.

    By Monica on Mar 20, 2003

  3. Aaron, I think you’re a scam. What’s the differance? First, you talk about being religous and than you talk about being a executioner and your son being a spawn of Satan. And hating people. I would not think of compairing my son to Satan and I could not just kill a person in cold blood. You lead a double life.

    By John R. on Sep 19, 2003

  4. John R. -
    I think you’ve gone off your medication. Seek help before you hurt yourself or someone you love.

    By Aaron on Sep 19, 2003

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