President’s Day Madness

February 19, 2003 – 12:30 pm by Aaron

This past Monday was a holiday for me. President’s Day, I guess it was. I’m not sure why I get the day off, but I don’t question it much. I had taped the movie “Amelie” that had been on cable late the night before. A pretty cute movie, actually. Kind of a chick flick, and it was a French film so the dialogue was in subtitles. Even though I was reading everything the characters would say, I still found myself wanting to turn up the volume when people were speaking softly. I’m not very good at writing about what other things were about, so I’m not going to do a review or anything. Suffice to say that it was an enjoyable movie; edgy, funny, and thought-provoking.

At one point we stopped the movie for one reason or another, most likely a crying baby (he’s sick again). Oprah was on and she was crowning people Princess for a Day. I made some off the cuff comment about poor pathetic people who couldn’t be happy with their own lives and needed Oprah to boost them up. Boo hoo, I thought. Jen informed me I was ignorant and didn’t know what I was talking about. I decided to watch Oprah to prove to her that I did know what I was talking about. Princess for a Day wasn’t what I thought it was going to be. The princesses were people whose family or friends had written Oprah about how unselfish, giving, and deserving they were. So Oprah brought these people to her show and lavished them with gifts they could not afford for themselves. A couple of them made me a little teary eyed. It was pretty darn cool. I told Jen I’d like to be Prince for a day. She just laughed and told me to restart the movie. I get no respect.

I also made banana bread Monday evening. Didn’t have enough walnuts for two loaves, so I put chocolate chips in the second one. It was SO good! Jen asked if I was going to take some to work to share with my friends. “Heck no!” was my reply. I could sit and eat the whole loaf by myself at one sitting. Or I could have if I hadn’t left the bread home alone with my wife when I went to work Tuesday…

Is anyone else tired of all the Michael Jackson stupidity? I don’t mean the stupidity coming from MJ, I mean the media’s, and the public’s, fascination with the poor guy. He’s sick, leave him alone for crying out loud. I actually heard one reporter say, “We just can’t seem to get away from Michael Jackson in the news these days” or something to that effect. THAT’S BECAUSE YOU KEEP PUTTING HIM ON THE NEWS, YOU MORON!! I honestly don’t understand why people are so fixated on how many plastic surgeries he has had. I mean, who gives a rat’s rear? The whole pedophile aspect is a bit disturbing, but, to be honest with you, if MJ took me on a world tour and let me have the run of Neverland – I think that’s worth a little fondling. Granted, if it was my son, I’d have to kill Michael, and no amount of surgery, plastic or otherwise, would be able to put him back together again. Did I watch the news special on MJ? Of course I did, but only because there was nothing else on.

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  2. Hi Aaron, I thought I would comment on your MJ comments. Your right there has been a lot in the media about MJ lately, but I have to admit I try not to miss any of it. I find it fascinating to see and hear about rich people and what they do in their private lives. As for MJ from everything I have seen and heard I really think he is innocent with the children. If you listen to what he has to say and his entire motive behind the seen, it seems to be that Michael Jackson is forever trying to live his childhood he never had. His childhood was stolen from him while his father forced him to become a world famous singer. It is really very sad. The sleepover parties with children I believe are just that, slumber parties with children doing all the things that children love to do. Like, watching movies and eating popcorn, pillow fights, pie and or food fights, running around acting silly and having fun. I truly think he is just looking for his unlived childhood while he is still young enough to enjoy doing things with children. Let me define what I mean by young enough. When I say young I don’t mean adolescent I mean not crippled or to old to get around on his own.

    Well that is all I have for comments. Your stories about being a dad are wonderfully enjoyable to read, therefore I have no comments about Liam other than he sure is cute.

    By Kim on Apr 22, 2003

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