Merry Christmas!

December 31, 2002 – 10:35 am by Aaron

The Christmas season is a great time of year. It’s fun to see families out shopping together or on an outing to find the perfect Christmas Tree. I love the Christmas specials on TV, even though I don’t think I got to see any of them this year. The whole spirit of the season, the music, the lights, it all reminds me of childhood when nothing mattered other than getting up early to see what Santa left. I still love getting up early on Christmas morning, while it’s still dark, turning on just the tree lights, standing next to the gas heater and remembering all the great Christmases I’ve had and all the people in my life who I am so blessed to have.

LOL, Christmas was a week ago and I forgot to post this. No big deal really, but here it is anyway.

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