Happy Day!!

November 18, 2002 – 2:26 pm by Aaron

Yesterday (11/17) was my birthday. It was a pretty good birthday, overall. My mom made stew, one of my favorite meals and we had cake and Rocky Road ice cream. I got to watch some football and even though the stinking Niners lost, it was still fun to watch a game.

Jen played a tricky game on me. She asked me to get a clean burp cloth out of the diaper bag and was telling me where it was. She kept saying, “it’s right THERE. No, right next to the wipey container. Can’t you SEE it?” I think she finally reached in and pulled out what she was trying to guide me toward and it was the new 4 DVD extended version of “The Fellowship of the Ring.” It was funny because the day before I had thought she might do exactly that, but I didn’t give it much thought because I didn’t think it would have arrived so soon. It was a happy surprise.

Had a board meeting at the church at 7:30pm and after that went back home and fought with my PC which has been spontaneously rebooting and/or shutting down, and that’s not a good thing at all. I updated the drivers for my video adapter and if that doesn’t fix it I honestly think I may cry and just give up on computers altogether – I’ve pretty much had it. The whole dang thing is pretty much brand new and it’s very frustrating to me to have something I built not work the way it should. I just hate it. I can’t tell you how much I hate it. It’s like a fiery ball of spite burning in my soul and the only thing I can blame is my skill as a technician. And that just makes it worse.

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  2. Are you going at it alone? I’m trying “Mark Minasi’s 2003 The Complete PC Upgrade & Maintenance Guide”. Cost about $60, but seems pretty good to me. Just disassembled and rebuilt my computer for the first time with the book, everything went smooth. I was having a problem with extra loud noise that decided to visit my computer for the first time and even though I still don’t know what the extra noise was comming from I cut the noise in half and the computer sounds better. (Did some cleaning.) :)
    Can’t wait to do some updating!

    By John Reighard on Sep 14, 2003

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